MyBookShelf Screen Shot

Working on an online portal where students can access their notes, lecture videos and other academic content. Click the button below to visit the website:

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Linguarium Screenshot

Myself, Duy Le and Abbass-Ali Siwjee created Linguarium, a platform that allows language students to connect to language teachers anywhere in the world through a virtual web-based classroom.

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Here is another website I built for a client, social media startup: Palplay. As always, the goal was to keep the design clean and simple!

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Puzzerax screenshot

Created a sleek new landing page for the new iOS game: Ladder Guy! Game developed by my buddies at the Toronto based start-up: Puzzerax. Read more.

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Space Invaders

Space invaders

Play the Space invaders game I recently created using the HTML5 canvas with JavaScript. I created the game and I can’t get past level 10, dare to beat that?

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