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Myself, Duy Le and Abbass-Ali Siwjee created Linguarium, a platform that allows language students to connect to language teachers anywhere in the world through a virtual web-based classroom.

So let’s say you’ve been chosen to represent your company at a conference in Paris and you want to brush up on your French a little. With Linguarium, you can find a French teacher and set up lessons that match your schedule, and all the lessons take place online so you can learn on the go.

Our students are able to connect with language teachers anywhere in the world and they can schedule their lessons to fit any schedule. You can schedule the lessons to happen on your commute back from work, right before bed, whenever!

For the techies out there, Linguarium was built using:


Google Speech & Translation API

With Linguarium you learn from real humans not bots! Studies have shown that people pick up languages faster when they converse regularly with fluent speakers. This is exactly what we provide.

Our product was developed with the help of real language students and teachers. We continue to use feedback from language students and teachers to add valuable and innovative features to our platform. Some of the features we’ve implemented so far include: video conferencing, collaborative screens, chat rooms, text-to-speech, speech-to-text etc.

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