Space Invaders

Space invaders

I heard you like classic games, so I made Space invaders

I have quite a lot of web development experience, but I’ve never created a game before. I am currently taking a web programming course: CSC309 and for the first assignment, I would have to make a simple version of the classic Space invaders game.

Huge respect to game developers all over the world

The Space invaders game is a very simple one, but making it was not a piece of cake, as simple as the game may seem, it took me about 6 days of coding and research to completely implement it. My short experience with the development of this game really opened my eyes to what professional game developers go through regularly.

Hello JavaScript, nice to see you again!

I used the HTML5 canvas for the first time and was really surprised by how fast it worked, I would be using it again for a graphing calculator that I am currently working on. I used a lot of CSS as well, I had to make sure the interface was very user-friendly. The backbone to the game itself was in JavaScript, writing up the JavaScript code was where most of the work and learning  happened. I had to learn of lot of things on my own, which I’m quite efficient at doing now. Thank God for Stack Overflow and w3Schools, may they forever be free for us to use. You can find my JavaScript code here.




Where’s the game ?

Okay, you were probably not interested in all that technical stuff and just want to see the game, the link to it is right below this, but remember this is my first game and it’s a very basic one. Also, I bet you can’t get past level 10, I created the game and I can’t get past level 10, so give it a try and prove me wrong:

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